Makita 2012NB Vs Dewalt 735 [Features, Pros and Cons]

The Makita 2012NB and the Dewalt 735 are both excellent planers commonly used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Now let’s dive into a detailed comparison of these two popular tools.

When it comes to power and performance, the Makita 2012NB offers a 15 amp motor, allowing it to handle even the toughest planing tasks effortlessly. On the other hand, the Dewalt 735 boasts a slightly more powerful 20 amp motor, enabling it to tackle heavy-duty projects with ease.

In terms of cutting capacity, the Makita 2012NB can plane boards up to 12 inches wide and 6-3/32 inches thick, while the Dewalt 735 can handle boards up to 13 inches wide and 6 inches thick. Both planers feature a built-in depth stop, making it convenient to achieve consistent cuts.

They also have a three-knife cutter head, ensuring smooth and clean finishes. Additionally, they come with a detachable tool box for convenient storage of accessories. When comparing overall weight and portability, the Makita 2012NB is lighter at 61. 9 pounds, whereas the Dewalt 735 is slightly heavier at 92 pounds.

Ultimately, the choice between the Makita 2012NB and the Dewalt 735 depends on your specific needs and budget, so carefully consider the power, cutting capacity, portability, and price before making your final decision. Both planers are reliable tools that can deliver exceptional results.

Makita 2012NB Vs Dewalt 735

Key Features

When it comes to power tools, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike are always on the lookout for the best options available in the market.

Two popular choices that often top the lists are the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 planers. In this article, we will compare the key features of these two heavy-duty planers to help you make an informed decision.

Power And Performance

The power and performance of a planer are crucial factors to consider when investing in a new tool. Both the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 offer impressive power and performance, making them suitable for even the toughest woodworking projects.

The Makita 2012Nb is equipped with a powerful 15-amp motor that delivers a no-load speed of 8,500 RPM. This allows the planer to effortlessly handle large workpieces and achieve smooth and clean cuts. The planer also features a feed rate of 28 feet per minute, ensuring fast and efficient material removal.

On the other hand, the Dewalt 735 boasts a slightly higher power with its 15-amp motor providing a no-load speed of 20,000 RPM. This high speed allows for speedy material removal and delivers a superior finish. Additionally, the planer offers a three-knife cutter head, which ensures a smooth surface and reduces tear-out.

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Portability And Size

The portability and size of a planer are essential considerations, particularly if you need to transport the tool to different job sites. Both the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 are designed with convenience and portability in mind.

The Makita 2012Nb weighs just 61.9 pounds, making it relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver. Its compact size further enhances its portability, allowing you to transport it without any hassle. This planer also features easy-to-use carrying handles, ensuring comfortable transportation.

Similarly, the Dewalt 735 offers a portable design with its manageable weight of 92 pounds. While it is slightly heavier than the Makita 2012Nb, it is still considered lightweight for its class.

The planer also includes integrated handles for convenient transportation, making it a reliable choice for contractors who frequently move from one job site to another.

Dust Collection

Adequate dust collection is crucial for maintaining a clean and healthy work environment. Both the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 prioritize dust collection, ensuring minimal cleanup and improved safety.

The Makita 2012Nb features a highly efficient dust collection system, thanks to its impressive dual exhaust ports. These ports efficiently collect and expel debris, keeping your work area free from dust and chips. This not only improves visibility but also enhances the longevity of the planer by preventing debris buildup.

Similarly, the Dewalt 735 comes equipped with a built-in fan-assisted chip ejection system, which effectively removes chips and debris from the work area. The planer also includes a dust hood and a 4-inch dust port, allowing for easy connection to a dust collection system or a shop vacuum.

Pros And Cons

Choosing the right planer for your woodworking projects can make a significant impact on your results. Two popular options in the market are the Makita 2012NB and the Dewalt 735.

In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of each model so you can determine which one suits your needs best.

Makita 2012nb Pros And Cons


  • Compact and Lightweight: The Makita 2012NB is known for its portability, weighing only 61.9 pounds. It is easy to transport and maneuver around your workspace.
  • Quick Setup: This planer requires minimal assembly, allowing you to start working on your projects faster. Its user-friendly design ensures a hassle-free experience even for beginners.
  • Quiet Operation: With a noise level of only 83 dB, the Makita 2012NB produces less noise compared to many other planers in the market. This makes it ideal for working in noise-restricted areas.
  • Smooth Finish: The planer features a depth stop, which allows you to achieve precise cuts and a smooth finish on your wood surfaces. The quality of its blades ensures excellent results with minimal tear-out.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last, the Makita 2012NB is constructed with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of professional use. It offers excellent longevity and reliability.
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  • Smaller Capacity: With a maximum cutting width of 12 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch, the Makita 2012NB may not be suitable for larger woodworking projects.
  • Limited Dust Collection: The planer’s dust collection system is not as efficient as some other models. It may require frequent cleaning and maintenance to prevent clogging.
  • Single Speed: Unlike some other planers in the market, the Makita 2012NB does not offer variable speed options. This may limit its versatility in handling different types of wood and cutting requirements.

Dewalt 735 Pros And Cons


  • Powerful Motor: The Dewalt 735 is equipped with a robust motor that delivers consistent performance, even when working with hardwoods. Its power allows for quick and efficient material removal.
  • Three-Knife Cutter Head: The planer comes with a three-knife cutter head, which enhances the quality of the finished product. It produces smoother surfaces with fewer visible cutter marks.
  • Wide Cutting Capacity: With a maximum cutting width of 13 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 1/8 inch, the Dewalt 735 can handle larger woodworking projects with ease.
  • Efficient Dust Collection: The planer features a fan-assisted chip ejection system that efficiently removes debris and helps maintain a clean working area. Its dust hood can be connected to a vacuum for even better dust collection.
  • Sturdy Build: Dewalt is renowned for its durable construction, and the 735 is no exception. It is built to withstand heavy usage and provides long-lasting performance.


  • Heavier and Bulkier: Weighing 92 pounds, the Dewalt 735 is heavier and bulkier than the Makita 2012NB. This may limit its portability and maneuverability, especially in compact workspaces.
  • Louder Operation: With a noise level of 96 dB, the Dewalt 735 is louder compared to some other planers in the market. It may require the use of hearing protection, especially for prolonged use.
  • Higher Price Point: The Dewalt 735 is generally priced higher than the Makita 2012NB. While it offers exceptional performance, the higher cost may be a deterrent for some individuals.

Price And Value

Unveiling a comparison between the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735, evaluating their cost and overall value. Makita offers a budget-friendly option without compromising performance, while Dewalt provides premium quality at a higher price point. Choose based on your budget and specific woodworking needs.

Price and value are crucial factors to consider when selecting between the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 planers. Let’s delve into the cost comparison and the value for money offered by these two tools.

Cost Comparison The Makita 2012Nb comes at a more affordable price point compared to the Dewalt 735. However, it’s essential to assess the features, performance, and durability to determine the true cost-effectiveness of each option.

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Value for Money

1. The Makita 2012Nb offers excellent value for money with its sturdy construction and reliable performance. It’s designed for precision and consistency, making it a wise investment for woodworking enthusiasts.

2. On the other hand, the Dewalt 735, despite being pricier, delivers exceptional value with its powerful motor, superior finish, and user-friendly design. This robust planer is built to withstand heavy-duty usage, ensuring long-term value for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Taking an in-depth look at the price and value aspects of these planers can help you make an informed decision based on your specific woodworking needs.

User Experiences

Considering user experiences, the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735 planers offer distinct advantages. While the Makita 2012Nb is praised for its durability and smooth finish, the Dewalt 735 is lauded for its powerful motor and precise cutting.

Both planers provide excellent user experiences, catering to different preferences.

User experiences can provide valuable insights into the Makita 2012NB vs Dewalt 735 debate. Let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say about these two popular planers.

Customer Reviews For The Makita 2012nb

  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around.
  • Smooth operation and produces excellent results.
  • Quiet operation ensures a pleasant working environment.
  • Impressed by the durability and longevity of the machine.

Customer Reviews For The Dewalt 735

  • Sturdy construction that can withstand heavy use.
  • User-friendly controls for precise adjustments.
  • Produces consistent and high-quality finishes.
  • Customers appreciate the powerful motor for efficient planing. In summary, both the Makita 2012NB and Dewalt 735 have their own strengths as highlighted by the user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Makita 2012nb Vs Dewalt 735

Which Is Better Dw734 Vs Dw735?

The DW735 is better than the DW734 due to its more powerful motor, higher speed settings, and better dust collection capabilities.

What Is The Minimum Thickness For The Makita 2012nb Planer?

The minimum thickness for the Makita 2012nb planer is 1/8 inch.

How Much Horsepower Does A Dewalt 735 Planer Have?

The DeWalt 735 planer has a horsepower rating of 15 amps, delivering around 1⅛ horsepower.

How Thin Can You Plane On A Dewalt 735?

The DeWalt 735 planer can handle wood as thin as 1/8 inch, making it versatile for various project needs.


In assessing the Makita 2012Nb and Dewalt 735, both planers offer excellent features for woodworking projects.

The Makita model provides impressive durability and portability, while the Dewalt 735 stands out with its powerful motor and user-friendly design.

Each planer caters to different needs, ultimately offering a suitable choice for woodworking enthusiasts.

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