Makita MAC5200 Vs Dewalt D55146 [Qualities and Performance]

Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146 are both powerful air compressors, but with different features and performance capabilities. When it comes to choosing between Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146 air compressors, it can be a tough decision.

These two models have their unique qualities and performance capabilities that cater to various needs and preferences.

In this comprehensive guide, we will compare Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146 to help you make an informed decision based on your specific requirements.

So, let’s dive in and explore the key features, pros, and cons of both air compressor models. By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clear understanding of which one suits you best.

Makita MAC5200 Vs Dewalt D55146

Key Features

Comparing Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146, Makita stands out with its powerful 3HP motor and 6. 5 CFM at 90 PSI, while Dewalt offers a higher tank capacity of 4. 5 gallons. Makita is more suitable for heavy-duty tasks, while Dewalt is known for its portability and ease of use.

Makita Mac5200 Features

The Makita Mac5200 is a powerful and robust air compressor that offers a range of impressive features. These features make it an excellent choice for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features that set the Makita Mac5200 apart.

1. Powerful Motor: The Mac5200 is equipped with a 3.0 HP motor, providing ample power to handle a variety of tasks. This ensures efficient and reliable performance, allowing you to complete your projects with ease.

2. Large Air Tank: With a 5.2-gallon air tank capacity, the Mac5200 offers an extended run time. This means less frequent refilling and more time spent on getting things done. Whether you need to power pneumatic tools or inflate tires, this air compressor has you covered.

3. Durable Construction: Built to withstand heavy-duty job site conditions, the Mac5200 is constructed with a roll-cage design. This not only protects the compressor’s vital components but also makes it easy to transport and store securely.

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4. Oil Lubricated: The Mac5200 features an oil lubricated pump, which ensures smooth and efficient operation. This reduces wear and tear on the compressor, increasing its longevity and overall performance.

5. Low Noise Levels: Despite its powerful performance, the Mac5200 operates at a relatively low noise level of 90 dB. This feature is especially beneficial when working in noise-sensitive environments, allowing for a quieter and more comfortable work experience.

Dewalt D55146 Features

Similar to the Makita Mac5200, the Dewalt D55146 is a top-notch air compressor with a range of features that make it a worthy competitor. Let’s explore some of the key features that make the Dewalt D55146 stand out from the crowd.

1. High Air Delivery: The D55146 delivers an impressive air flow rate of 5.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. This ensures quick and efficient operation, allowing you to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease.

2. Easy Mobility: Designed with mobility in mind, the D55146 comes equipped with a convenient handle and robust wheels. This makes it easy to transport the compressor from one location to another, saving you time and effort.

3. Low Maintenance: With its oil-free pump, the D55146 requires minimal maintenance. This eliminates the need for regular oil changes, saving you both time and money in the long run. It also ensures clean and dry air output, preventing contamination of your pneumatic tools.

4. High Storage Capacity: The D55146 features a 4.5-gallon air tank, providing ample storage capacity for continuous operation. This reduces the need for frequent refilling, allowing you to work uninterrupted on your projects.

5. Quiet Operation: Despite its powerful performance, the D55146 operates at a low noise level of 78 dB. This makes it ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments, providing a quieter and more comfortable working environment.

In conclusion, both the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146 offer a range of impressive features that make them stand out in the market.

While the Mac5200 boasts a powerful motor and durable construction, the D55146 excels in terms of high air delivery and easy mobility. Ultimately, the choice between these two air compressors depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Performance Comparison

When it comes to selecting the right air compressor for your needs, the performance of the machine becomes a crucial factor to consider.

In this performance comparison between the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146, we will evaluate the power output, as well as the portability and maneuverability of these two popular models.

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Power Output

When it comes to power, both the Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146 are strong contenders. The Makita Mac5200 packs a punch with its 3.0 horsepower motor, providing ample power for various pneumatic tools and equipment.

On the other hand, the Dewalt D55146 boasts a 1.6 horsepower motor that delivers impressive performance. The Makita Mac5200 stands out with its higher power output, making it a fantastic choice for demanding tasks that require extra power.

With its exceptional horsepower, it excels in powering high-demand air tools like sanders, sprayers, and impact wrenches. Additionally, this enhanced power ensures consistent and efficient performance even under heavy workloads.

While the Dewalt D55146 has a slightly lower horsepower, it compensates with other remarkable features, making it suitable for a range of applications.

The Dewalt D55146 shines in its ability to handle smaller tools effectively, such as nailers, inflators, and staplers. Its reliable motor delivers sufficient power and consistent pressure levels for these types of jobs.

Portability And Maneuverability

When it comes to portability and maneuverability, the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146 both offer advantages.

The Makita Mac5200 features rugged wheels and a convenient handle, allowing for easy transportation around work sites or between different locations.

Its compact design makes it ideal for contractors or DIY enthusiasts who require a portable air compressor that can be moved effortlessly.

On the other hand, the Dewalt D55146 boasts a vertically aligned design, contributing to its compactness and maneuverability. This design maximizes storage space and ensures effortless maneuvering, making it suitable for tight spaces or smaller workshops.

Additionally, the Dewalt D55146 is equipped with semi-pneumatic wheels for added mobility, making it easy to transport across different terrains.

Both models come with a sturdy construction that withstands rigorous use and features convenient storage options for accessories and cords. These features enhance the portability and practicality of both the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146.

Durability And Build Quality

When it comes to heavy-duty air compressors, durability and build quality are crucial factors to consider.

Both the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146 are powerhouse machines designed to withstand tough job site conditions. Let’s delve into the durability and build quality of each model to help you make an informed choice.

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Makita Mac5200 Durability

The Makita Mac5200 is built to last, featuring a rugged roll-cage construction that provides excellent protection for the compressor components.

The sturdy build ensures resistance against impacts and rough handling, making it suitable for demanding work environments. Its durable cast-iron cylinder reduces wear and extends the compressor’s lifespan, offering longevity and reliability.

Dewalt D55146 Durability

Equally robust, the Dewalt D55146 boasts a high-quality construction that emphasizes durability. The compressor’s protective frame shields vital components from potential damage, ensuring lasting performance.

Additionally, the oil-free pump design contributes to its longevity, minimizing maintenance requirements and enhancing overall durability.

Price And Value

Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146 are both popular choices, with a focus on everyday use.

Cost Comparison

Makita Mac5200: Offers competitive pricing for a dependable air compressor.

Dewalt D55146: Slightly pricier upfront but brings a robust performance.

Long-term Investment

  • Makita Mac5200: Known for longevity and durability, ensuring a lasting investment.
  • Dewalt D55146: Higher initial cost can be justified by its reliability over time.
Makita Mac5200 Vs Dewalt D55146: Power Tool Showdown


Frequently Asked Questions Of Makita Mac5200 Vs Dewalt D55146

Does Makita Make Good Air Compressors?

Yes, Makita air compressors are well-made and reliable for various applications. They offer high performance, durability, and are suitable for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

How Much Does A Makita Mac5200 Weight?

The Makita MAC5200 weighs approximately 88 pounds.

Which Air Compressor Is Better For Home Use, Makita Mac5200 Or Dewalt D55146?

In comparing Makita Mac5200 and Dewalt D55146, it boils down to your specific needs.

Makita Mac5200 is ideal for smaller tasks around the house, while Dewalt D55146 is more suited for heavy-duty applications due to its larger tank capacity and higher CFM rating. Select based on your usage requirements.


After comparing the Makita Mac5200 and the Dewalt D55146, it’s evident that both models have their own strengths. Depending on your specific needs, either compressor could be the ideal choice for your projects.

Consider factors such as portability, power, and durability to make your final decision. Both models offer great value and performance.

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