Ryobi P235 Vs P235A : Which One Packs More Power?

The main difference between Ryobi P235 and P235A lies in their release dates, with the P235 being the older model and the P235A being the newer version. The P235A, introduced as an improved version of the P235, features enhanced performance and updated technology, making it a more advanced and efficient tool for tasks such as driving screws and drilling holes.

Ryobi is known for its high-quality power tools, and the P235 and P235A are no exception. Both models are designed to provide reliable performance and user-friendly features for a wide range of DIY and professional applications.

If you’re considering these tools for your projects, it’s important to understand their differences and capabilities to make an informed decision. We’ll delve into the comparison between Ryobi P235 and P235A to help you determine which model best suits your needs.

Ryobi P235 Vs Ryobi P235A

Design And Build

When comparing Ryobi P235 vs P235A, one of the crucial aspects to consider is the design and build of these power tools. The physical structure and ergonomics play a significant role in the overall performance and user comfort.

Let’s dive into the specific elements of the design and build of these two models to understand how they differ in terms of form and functionality.

Physical Structure

Both the Ryobi P235 and P235A are compact and have a robust build, making them suitable for various tasks in construction and DIY projects. The physical dimensions of these tools are nearly identical, with slight variations in the grip and trigger design.


The ergonomics of a power tool are essential for user comfort and control during operation. The Ryobi P235A has been designed with enhanced ergonomics, featuring a more comfortable grip and improved balance compared to the P235 model.

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These ergonomic enhancements contribute to reduced fatigue and better maneuverability, especially during prolonged use.


When comparing Ryobi P235 and P235A, the performance of these two impact drivers is a crucial factor to consider. Let’s delve into how they fare in terms of speed and torque as well as battery compatibility.

Speed And Torque

The speed and torque of an impact driver determine its efficiency in driving and removing fasteners.

  • Ryobi P235 boasts a maximum speed of 3,200 RPM, while the P235A offers a slightly higher speed at 3,400 RPM.
  • When it comes to torque, both models provide ample power with P235 delivering 1,800 in-lbs and P235A offering 1,900 in-lbs.

Battery Compatibility

Ensuring that your impact driver is compatible with various batteries is essential for uninterrupted workflow.

  1. Ryobi P235 is compatible with Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries, providing versatility and convenience.
  2. The P235A model also supports Ryobi 18V ONE+ batteries, allowing for seamless interchangeability.


In this section, we will explore the key features of the Ryobi P235 and the notable features of the Ryobi P235A. These cordless impact drivers from Ryobi are well-known for their impressive performance and reliability.

Let’s dive into the details and discover what sets them apart.

Key Features Of P235

  • The P235 features a powerful motor that delivers a maximum torque of 1,600 in-lbs, making it ideal for a wide range of fastening applications.
  • Equipped with a 1/4-inch hex chuck, the P235 allows for quick and easy bit changes, improving efficiency on the job.
  • With its variable speed trigger, the P235 offers better control over the speed, allowing you to adjust it according to the task at hand.
  • This impact driver comes with a tri-beam LED light system that provides improved visibility in dimly lit workspaces, reducing the risk of mistakes.
  • The P235 features Ryobi’s exclusive MagTray magnetic holder, which securely holds bits and screws, ensuring easy access and preventing frustrating drop-offs.
  • Designed with comfort in mind, this impact driver boasts a rubber overgrip handle that reduces user fatigue during extended use.

Notable Features Of P235a

  • The P235A shares most of its key features with the P235, but it comes with the added benefit of being part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system.
  • Being ONE+ compatible means that the P235A can be powered by any Ryobi 18V ONE+ battery, providing users with ultimate versatility and cost-effectiveness.
  • Like its counterpart, the P235A also offers a maximum torque of 1,600 in-lbs and features a 1/4-inch hex chuck for quick and easy bit changes.
  • The variable speed trigger and tri-beam LED light system are also present in the P235A, ensuring precise control and improved visibility.
  • Additionally, the P235A includes the MagTray magnetic holder, enabling convenient access to bits and screws.
  • With its ergonomic design and rubber overgrip handle, the P235A delivers a comfortable user experience, even during prolonged use.
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Both the Ryobi P235 and P235A are exceptional cordless impact drivers that offer a wide range of features to enhance your efficiency and performance on different projects.

Whether you prefer the stand-alone P235 or the ONE+ compatible P235A, you can count on Ryobi’s quality and reliability to deliver outstanding results.

Price And Value

When it comes to purchasing power tools, it’s important to consider both the price and the value you’ll get in return.

In this section, we will compare the cost and value of the Ryobi P235 and P235A, two popular cordless impact drivers. Let’s take a closer look!

Cost Comparison

To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to assess the cost of these two impact drivers. The Ryobi P235 typically retails at around $69, while the newer model, the P235A, comes in at a slightly higher price point of $79.

Though there is a difference in price, it’s essential to delve deeper into the features and benefits to determine whether the additional cost is justified.

Value For Money

When evaluating the value for money, it’s crucial to consider the performance and features of each impact driver. Both the P235 and P235A boast similar specifications, including a powerful 1,600 inch-pounds of torque and a variable speed trigger that allows for optimal control.

Additionally, they share the same compact and lightweight design, making them ideal for prolonged use and tight spaces.

Features Ryobi P235 Ryobi P235A
Torque 1,600 inch-pounds 1,600 inch-pounds
Weight 2.7 pounds 2.7 pounds
Length 6.5 inches 6.5 inches
Speed 0-3,200 RPM 0-3,200 RPM
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As we can see from the comparison table, both models offer the same impressive torque, lightweight build, and compact size. This means you’re getting exceptional value for money regardless of whether you choose the P235 or the slightly pricier P235A.

However, it’s worth noting that the P235A may come with additional accessories or enhancements that could further enhance its overall value.

Ultimately, when deciding between the Ryobi P235 and P235A, the choice should ultimately come down to your individual needs and budget.

Both models offer excellent performance and value, making them reliable and cost-effective options for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson.

Frequently Asked Questions For Ryobi P235 Vs P235a

Will A Ryobi Impact Wrench Remove Lug Nuts?

Yes, a Ryobi impact wrench can remove lug nuts effectively due to its high torque output.

How Much Torque Does A Ryobi Impact Driver Have?

The Ryobi impact driver has a maximum torque of 1,800 in-lbs, providing powerful performance for various applications.

Why Is My Ryobi Impact Drill Not Working?

Check if the battery is charged. Ensure the switch is set to drill. Look for any jammed bits. Clean the vents for proper airflow. Contact customer support if the issue persists.

Ryobi P235 Vs P235a: Which One Is Better For Heavy-duty Tasks?

The Ryobi P235 and P235A are both excellent choices for heavy-duty tasks. However, the P235A model comes with upgraded features, offering more power and better performance.

With its enhanced torque and durability, the P235A is the top choice for tackling tough projects.


In this comparison of Ryobi P235 and P235A, key differences and similarities have been highlighted. Depending on your needs, both models offer versatility and performance.

Consider the features that matter most to you before making your decision. Whether it’s power, ergonomics, or price, choose the one that fits your requirements.

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