Ridgid R4514 Vs Dewalt Dwe7491RS – Cutting capacity, Portability

The Ridgid R4514 offers a larger table and a more powerful motor compared to the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs. Both saws deliver excellent performance in their class and come with various features to suit different user needs.

When deciding between these two models, it’s important to consider factors such as cutting capacity, portability, and price. The Ridgid R4514 boasts a stand with wheels for enhanced mobility, while the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs offers a rolling stand for convenience.

Additionally, the Dewalt model provides a rip capacity of 32-1/2 inches, while the Ridgid saw offers a rip capacity of 30 inches. Both saws are durable and reliable, making them suitable for a range of woodworking projects.

Ridgid R4514 Vs Dewalt Dwe7491RS

Key Features

Motor Power

The Ridgid R4514 is equipped with a robust 15-amp motor, providing ample power for various cutting applications.

On the other hand, the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs features a 15-amp high-torque motor, ensuring consistent performance and efficient cutting.

Table Size

Both the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs come with large table surfaces. The Ridgid model offers a 26-inch width and 18-inch depth, while the Dewalt model boasts a 32-1/2-inch width and 22-inch depth, providing ample space for handling and supporting wide workpieces.

Fence System

The Ridgid R4514 is equipped with a telescoping fence system that ensures accurate and smooth adjustments, while the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs features a rack and pinion fence that allows for quick and precise adjustments, enhancing the overall cutting accuracy.


When it comes to portability, both models are designed with built-in wheels and foldable stands, allowing for easy transportation and storage.

The Ridgid R4514 includes built-in retractable handles for added convenience, while the Dewalt Dwe7491Rs showcases a rolling stand for effortless mobility.

Performance Comparison

The performance of a table saw is crucial for its usefulness in a workshop. Ridgid R4514 and Dewalt Dwe7491Rs are two popular table saws known for their performance.

Let’s compare their performance in terms of cutting capacity, accuracy, and dust collection to help you make an informed decision.

Cutting Capacity

Ridgid R4514 offers a cutting depth of 3-1/4 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees, providing ample capacity for various cutting tasks.

On the other hand, Dewalt Dwe7491Rs provides a similar cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4 inches at 45 degrees, ensuring impressive cutting capabilities.

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When it comes to accuracy, both table saws are equipped with features that ensure precise cuts.

Ridgid R4514 comes with a micro-adjust fence for fine-tuning measurements, while Dewalt Dwe7491Rs incorporates a rack and pinion fence system for accurate adjustments.

Both saws deliver excellent accuracy, enhancing the quality of the finished workpieces.

Dust Collection

Effective dust collection is essential for a clean and safe working environment. Ridgid R4514 is designed with a dual dust collection port, efficiently capturing dust and debris.

Similarly, Dewalt Dwe7491Rs features a dust collection system, including a dust port that provides effective dust extraction.

These features help in maintaining a clean workspace and reduce the risk of respiratory issues associated with woodworking.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is a crucial factor to consider when choosing between the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt DWE7491Rs. Both of these table saws are designed with user-friendliness in mind, but there are certain aspects that set them apart.

In this section, we will delve into the assembly process, adjustment and set-up options, and controls of these two models. By exploring each of these areas, you can make an informed decision based on your specific needs and preferences.


When it comes to assembly, the Ridgid R4514 scores high marks. This table saw is designed for easy setup, allowing you to quickly get it up and running. The instructions provided are clear and concise, making the assembly process a breeze.

Additionally, the components of the R4514 fit together seamlessly, ensuring a sturdy and stable construction. With its user-friendly assembly process, the Ridgid R4514 saves you time and frustration.

On the other hand, the Dewalt DWE7491Rs also offers a hassle-free assembly experience. The components of this table saw are well-packaged and clearly labeled, allowing for easy identification and organization.

Although the assembly process may take a bit longer compared to the Ridgid R4514, it still offers a relatively smooth setup.

Adjustment And Set-up

When it comes to adjustment and set-up options, both the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt DWE7491Rs provide users with a range of features to ensure precision and convenience.

The Ridgid R4514 boasts a convenient rack and pinion fence system, which enables easy and accurate adjustments.

This system allows you to effortlessly align the fence parallel to the blade, ensuring clean and precise cuts. The R4514 also comes with an adjustable blade angle, providing flexibility for various cutting tasks.

Similarly, the Dewalt DWE7491Rs offers users the convenience of a rack and pinion fence system. This feature allows for quick and precise fence adjustments, ensuring accuracy while cutting.

Additionally, this model includes a telescoping fence, which extends to provide support for larger materials. With its range of adjustment and set-up options, the Dewalt DWE7491Rs offers versatility for different woodworking projects.


When it comes to controls, both the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt DWE7491Rs are designed with user-friendly interfaces.

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The Ridgid R4514 features intuitive control knobs and switches, allowing for easy adjustments and operation. These controls are strategically placed for convenience and provide a responsive and smooth experience.

The Dewalt DWE7491Rs also offers user-friendly controls, featuring easy-to-operate buttons and switches. The placement of these controls is ergonomic, ensuring comfortable operation and minimizing strain during use.

Safety Features

When considering Ridgid R4514 vs Dewalt Dwe7491Rs, it is crucial to examine the safety features of both models. Both table saws prioritize user safety through innovative design elements.

Blade Guard

  • The blade guard on Ridgid R4514 effectively protects users from accidental contact with the blade.
  • Dewalt Dwe7491Rs features a sturdy blade guard that ensures optimal safety during operation.

Anti-kickback Pawls

  • Ridgid R4514 is equipped with anti-kickback pawls that prevent wood from kicking back towards the user.
  • Dewalt Dwe7491Rs incorporates advanced anti-kickback pawls to enhance user safety while cutting.

Riving Knife

  • The riving knife on Ridgid R4514 provides stability and prevents blade binding, ensuring a safe cutting experience.
  • Dewalt Dwe7491Rs’s riving knife is designed to minimize the risk of kickback and promote accurate cuts.

Price And Value

Comparison Of Prices

Ridgid R4514: Moderately priced table saw with sturdy construction.

Dewalt Dwe7491Rs: Higher priced option known for its advanced features.

Ridgid R4514: Budget-friendly choice suitable for DIY enthusiasts.

Dewalt Dwe7491Rs: Premium price tag justified by professional-grade performance.

Long-term Durability

Ridgid R4514: Durable build quality ensures longevity for regular use.

Dewalt Dwe7491Rs: Robust design guarantees lasting durability in high-demand scenarios.

User Reviews

When it comes to purchasing a new table saw, it’s important to hear from other users to get an idea of their experiences and insights.

Here, we will highlight the positive and negative feedback for both the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt DWE7491RS, two popular and highly regarded table saw options in the market.

Positive Feedback For The Ridgid R4514

Users of the Ridgid R4514 have praised this table saw for its power and cutting accuracy. Many users appreciate the robust construction and durability, ensuring that it can withstand heavy use in various projects.

The inclusion of a solid dust collection system has also received positive feedback, helping to keep the workspace clean and preventing debris from affecting the saw’s performance.

Additionally, users have found the Ridgid R4514 easy to set up and adjust, making it a user-friendly option for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.

Positive Feedback For The Dewalt Dwe7491rs

The Dewalt DWE7491RS has garnered positive reviews for its exceptional portability and ease of transportation. Users appreciate the folding stand design, which allows for convenient storage and transportation to job sites.

The powerful motor and accurate cutting capabilities of this table saw have also received praise, enabling users to tackle a variety of cutting tasks with precision.

Furthermore, the user-friendly features, such as the easy blade change system and clear instructions, have been commended by users, making the Dewalt DWE7491RS a top choice for those looking for a reliable and user-friendly table saw.

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Negative Feedback For The Ridgid R4514

While the Ridgid R4514 is highly regarded, some users have reported issues with the miter gauge, citing it as the weakest aspect of the saw. Some have found it to be less accurate and sturdy compared to other components of the machine.

Additionally, a few users have mentioned that the saw’s fence system can be challenging to align and maintain consistent accuracy, leading to frustrations during operation.

However, it’s important to note that these negative aspects have not been universally experienced by all users and may vary based on individual use and expectations.

Negative Feedback For The Dewalt Dwe7491rs

While the negative feedback for the Dewalt DWE7491RS is limited, some users have expressed concerns about the table extension’s stability. They felt that the extension wobbles slightly during use, affecting the overall precision and reliability of the cuts.

However, it’s worth mentioning that not all users experienced this issue, and it may depend on the nature of the projects and the level of intensity during operation.

Despite this minor drawback, the Dewalt DWE7491RS remains a popular choice among users for its overall performance and quality.


Ridgid R4514 Vs Dewalt Dwe7491Rs: Ultimate Showdown


Frequently Asked Questions On Ridgid R4514 Vs Dewalt Dwe7491rs

Which Table Saw Is Better – Ridgid R4514 Or Dewalt Dwe7491rs?

In terms of power and portability, Ridgid R4514 excels for job site use. Dewalt Dwe7491Rs offers precise cutting and durability suitable for professional woodworking shops.

What Are The Main Differences Between Ridgid R4514 And Dewalt Dwe7491rs?

Ridgid R4514 is known for its portability and power, while Dewalt Dwe7491Rs is preferred for precise cutting and durability. Both have unique features catering to different user needs.

Can Ridgid R4514 And Dewalt Dwe7491rs Be Used For Heavy-duty Projects?

Yes, both Ridgid R4514 and Dewalt Dwe7491Rs are suitable for heavy-duty projects. Ridgid’s portability is convenient on job sites, while Dewalt’s precision is perfect for demanding woodworking tasks.

Which Table Saw Offers Better Safety Features – Ridgid R4514 Or Dewalt Dwe7491rs?

Both Ridgid R4514 and Dewalt Dwe7491Rs prioritize safety with features like blade guards and anti-kickback pawls. Users should always follow safety guidelines and use proper protective gear.


Ultimately, the choice between the Ridgid R4514 and the Dewalt DWE7491RS comes down to personal preference and specific needs. Both table saws offer impressive features, durability, and power.

The Ridgid model excels in portability and affordability, while the Dewalt option stands out with its advanced safety features and accuracy. Consider your budget, workspace, and specific requirements to make the best decision for your woodworking projects.

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