Milwaukee 2825-20ST Vs 2825-21ST : The Quick Comparisons

Milwaukee 2825-20St is the bare tool while 2825-21St is a kit that includes a battery and charger. The Milwaukee 2825-20St is sold without a battery and charger, while the 2825-21St includes them in the package.

Now let’s dive deeper and discuss the features and benefits of both models. The Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are two versatile and powerful leaf blowers designed to tackle outdoor cleanup tasks with ease.

These cordless blowers feature Milwaukee’s renowned REDLITHIUM technology, offering longer run-time and extended tool life. With a maximum airspeed of 120 mph and an air volume of 450 CFM, both models provide efficient and effective blowing performance.

They also come with a variable speed trigger, allowing you to adjust the power output based on the task at hand. Whether you choose the bare tool or kit version, both leaf blowers deliver excellent performance and durability, ensuring that your outdoor spaces stay clean and neat.

Milwaukee 2825-20ST Vs Milwaukee 2825-21ST

Power and Performance

The Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St models offer exceptional power and performance. These tools are designed to deliver impressive results, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Whether you choose the 2825-20St or the 2825-21St, you can expect reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

Milwaukee 2825-20ST


Power and Performance Motor Strength When it comes to power and performance, the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St models are top contenders. Both models feature impressive motor strength that allows them to tackle even the toughest tasks with ease.

The Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are equipped with a powerful motor that ensures optimal performance.

The motors are designed to deliver maximum torque, enabling these tools to handle heavy-duty applications effortlessly. With this motor strength, users can confidently take on challenging projects without worrying about the tool bogging down.

Battery Life In addition to their impressive motor strength, the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St also boast exceptional battery life. These models come with durable batteries that offer extended runtimes, allowing users to work for longer periods without interruption.

The battery life of the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St ensures that users can complete tasks without the need for frequent recharging. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals who rely on their tools for extended periods on job sites.

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With these models, you can enjoy uninterrupted workflow, saving valuable time and increasing overall productivity.

To summarize, both the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St models excel in terms of power and performance. Their strong motors provide the necessary strength to tackle tough tasks, while their long battery life ensures uninterrupted operation.

Whether you are a professional or a DIY enthusiast, these tools are sure to impress with their impressive performance capabilities.

In the table below, you can find a quick comparison of the motor strength and battery life of the two models:

Model Motor Strength Battery Life
Milwaukee 2825-20St Powerful Extended
Milwaukee 2825-21St Strong Long-lasting

With their exceptional motor strength and battery life, the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St models are undoubtedly top choices for those seeking power and performance in their tools.

Whether you need to tackle demanding projects or simply want reliable performance for everyday tasks, these models offer the strength and longevity needed to get the job done efficiently.

Design and Build

When it comes to choosing the right power tool, design and build are essential factors to consider. In this comparison between the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St, we will examine the compactness and durability of these two models. Let’s dive in!

Milwaukee 2825-21ST


Both the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are designed with compactness in mind. The compact size of these tools allows for easy maneuverability and accessibility, especially in tight spaces.

With their compact design, these models are lightweight, making them ideal for extended use without causing fatigue or strain on the user. This makes it easier to tackle projects for longer durations without compromising on comfort or control.


When it comes to durability, the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are built to withstand intensive use and deliver reliable performance.

These tools are engineered with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of worksites, ensuring they can withstand falls and impacts without resulting in damage or reduced functionality. Their sturdy construction also protects them from dust or debris, allowing for long-term durability even in challenging environments.

Moreover, the durable build of these models ensures that they can handle demanding tasks with ease, providing consistent power and performance. This makes them suitable for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts looking for a tool that can withstand heavy-duty use.

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In conclusion, the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St both offer compactness and durability as part of their design and build.

Their compact size allows for easy maneuverability, while their durable construction ensures performance and reliability in challenging work conditions. Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, these power tools are designed to meet your needs.

Versatility and Functionality

Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are popular choices in power tools due to their versatility and functionality. Let’s explore their impressive features and capabilities in terms of tool compatibility and application range.

Tool Compatibility

The Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are compatible with a wide range of power tool accessories, making them versatile for various tasks. Whether it’s drilling, cutting, fastening, or grinding, these tools can accommodate different attachments for a multitude of applications.

This compatibility provides users with the convenience of using a single tool for multiple purposes, thereby enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Application Range

When it comes to applications, both the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St excel in versatility. From construction sites to DIY projects, these tools are designed to handle a diverse range of tasks.

Whether you’re working on wood, metal, or masonry, these tools offer the power and precision needed for various materials. Their adaptability to different applications makes them invaluable assets for professionals and hobbyists alike.

Value For Money

In this section, we will compare two popular Milwaukee tools – the 2825-20St and the 2825-21St – and assess their value for money. Assessing the price comparison and additional accessories of these tools will help you make an informed decision.

Price Comparison

When it comes to price, understanding the difference between the Milwaukee 2825-20St and the 2825-21St can be crucial. The former is a standalone tool, while the latter comes with a battery and charger included.

This bundled package raises the price slightly, but it provides the convenience of having everything you need right out of the box. If you already have compatible Milwaukee batteries and chargers, the 2825-20St may offer better value, saving you money on unnecessary accessories.

Additional Accessories

Aside from the battery and charger, the Milwaukee 2825-21St also includes a durable carrying case.

This case provides protection during transportation and storage, ensuring the longevity of the tool. On the other hand, the 2825-20St, being a standalone tool, does not come with any additional accessories.

If you have a suitable case or prefer to purchase one separately, you may find the 2825-20St more cost-effective.

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Comparison of Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St
Tool Price Accessories Included
2825-20St $$ None
2825-21St $$$ Battery, Charger, Carrying Case

In summary, the value for money of the Milwaukee 2825-20St versus the 2825-21St ultimately depends on your specific needs.

If you already have compatible batteries and prefer to purchase a carrying case separately, the 2825-20St can provide a more affordable option.

However, if convenience and the inclusion of necessary accessories are more important to you, the 2825-21St may be the better choice despite the slightly higher price point.

Frequently Asked Questions For Milwaukee 2825-20st Vs 2825-21st

What Is The Difference Between Milwaukee 2825-20st And 2825-21st?

The main difference between the Milwaukee 2825-20St and the 2825-21St is the number of batteries included. The 2825-20St comes as a bare tool without batteries, while the 2825-21St includes one battery. Apart from that, both models have similar features and performance.

Can I Use The Milwaukee 2825-20st Without Batteries?

Yes, you can use the Milwaukee 2825-20St without batteries. This model is sold as a bare tool, meaning it does not include batteries. If you already have compatible Milwaukee batteries from other tools, you can use them with the 2825-20St.

How Long Does The Milwaukee 2825-21st Battery Last?

The Milwaukee 2825-21St comes with a high-capacity battery that provides long-lasting runtime. On average, the battery can last up to 2 hours of continuous use, depending on the cutting conditions and the material being cut. It’s always a good idea to have a spare battery on hand for extended use.

Are The Milwaukee 2825-20st And 2825-21st Suitable For Professional Use?

Yes, both the Milwaukee 2825-20St and 2825-21St are suitable for professional use. These tools are designed to handle tough cutting tasks and are built with durability in mind. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, these models will provide reliable and efficient performance.


Both the Milwaukee 2825-20St and the 2825-21St offer high-quality performance and durability. Whether you’re a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast, these tools deliver exceptional results. Consider your specific needs and budget when making your choice between these two impressive options for your next project.

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