Milwaukee 2604 Vs 2704 : Drill-Down Comparison

The Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 are both high-performance hammer drills; the 2704 model offers enhanced torque and speed. While the 2604 is impressive, the 2704 is designed for more demanding tasks.

Navigating the world of power tools can be daunting, particularly when comparing two models with nuanced differences, such as the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 hammer drills.

Both tools hail from Milwaukee’s reputable M18 Fuel product line, known for combining power, efficiency, and durability.

These drills are tailored to meet the needs of professional tradesmen and dedicated DIY enthusiasts alike, providing the reliability and performance Milwaukee is celebrated for.

Understanding the specific capabilities of each model can be critical: the 2704’s increased power output suits users tackling robust materials and heavy-duty applications.

Meanwhile, the 2604 serves well for general contracting work, where a balance of performance and ergonomics is key. Selecting between the two boils down to assessing work demands and personal preferences on tool handling and power needs.

Milwaukee 2604 Vs 2704: Drill-Down Comparison


Introduction To Milwaukee’s Drill Lineup

Welcome to the world of Milwaukee, a brand known for its robust and high-performing power tools. In this section, we dive into the specifics of Milwaukee’s formidable drills, focusing on two of their top models.

Understanding the capabilities of each tool allows professionals and DIY enthusiasts to make informed decisions for their diverse drilling needs.

Milwaukee Drills: Powering Through Tasks

Milwaukee drills stand out in the power tool market. Users rely on their dependable performance, exceptional durability, and advanced technology.

From effortless home repairs to demanding construction projects, Milwaukee drills deliver consistent results. They feature high-torque motors, long-lasting batteries, and are designed to tackle a variety of materials.

The Contenders: Milwaukee 2604 and Milwaukee 2704

The 2604 and 2704 are two popular models in the Milwaukee M18 Fuel drill lineup. These tools promise power and precision. Here’s a quick breakdown of their main features:

Model Power Output Battery Type Max Torque Weight
2604 18V M18 REDLITHIUM 650 in-lbs 4.9 lbs
2704 18V M18 REDLITHIUM 1200 in-lbs 5.0 lbs

Both models boast a brushless motor that offers longer life and more power. Users appreciate the 2604 for general use, while the 2704 suits those demanding extra torque for tougher tasks. The precision and control provided by these drills make them must-haves in any toolbox.

Milwaukee 2604


Design and Ergonomics

Choosing the right tool is vital for any job. Design and ergonomics play a big role. They affect how the tool feels and works.

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Now, let’s dig into Milwaukee’s 2604 and 2704 models. These drills have their own special design elements. We will see how they compare in terms of handling and balance.

Handling The Hardware: 2604 Vs 2704

The Milwaukee 2604 and the Milwaukee 2704 both shine in their class. But, they have some differences in handling. The 2604’s grip is made to fit your hand just right. It makes sure your hand does not get tired.

The 2704, on the other hand, is built a bit differently. It gives you more power but needs a firm grip.

  • 2604: Comfortable with a soft grip
  • 2704: Powerful, designed for strong hands

Weight and Balance Analysis

The weight and how a drill feels are very important. A tool that is too heavy can tire you out. One that is too light might not feel strong.

Let’s look at the weight and balance of the 2604 and 2704 models. The 2604 model is a bit lighter. It is easy to hold for a long time. The 2704, though heavier, has a good balance.

It feels right in your hands when working on tough jobs.

Model Weight Balance
2604 Light Evenly distributed
2704 Heavier Centered for tough tasks

Both drills are designed for hard work. Yet, the right choice depends on personal taste. Think about what feels best to you. Remember, the best tool is one that feels like a natural extension of your own hand.

Under The Hood: Motor and Performance

Diving under the surface of power tools, the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 drills reveal intricate differences in motor and performance. These drills often stand side by side on the shelves, but what really sets them apart is hidden in the details of their engineering.

Let’s rev up the engines and take a deeper look.

Milwaukee 2704

Comparing Torque and Speed

The heart of any drill is its ability to twist and turn through various materials. The Milwaukee 2604 packs a serious punch with its robust motor, offering impressive torque for demanding tasks. It pushes its limits with precision, making it a favorite for tough jobs.

Milwaukee’s 2704 model, on the other hand, is all about speed. It zips through tasks with a high-performance motor that accelerates drilling jobs. The 2704’s speed dominance does not overshadow its torque capabilities, landing it as a top choice for speed enthusiasts.

Here’s a torque and speed comparison:

Model Max Torque No-Load Speed (RPM)
Milwaukee 2604 725 in-lbs 0-550/0-1,850
Milwaukee 2704 1,200 in-lbs 0-550/0-2,000

Drilling Into Duty Cycles

Duty cycles reflect a drill’s endurance and longevity during extended use. Milwaukee 2604 shines with its durability, designed to withstand prolonged drilling without overheating. It stands as a stalwart companion for continuous work.

For the Milwaukee 2704, duty cycle is also a forte. With advanced cooling features, this model is ready for marathon sessions. It ensures consistent performance and reliability, even on the most rigorous projects.

Compare their duty cycles:

  • Milwaukee 2604 – Built for sustained use in tough conditions.
  • Milwaukee 2704 – Maintains performance for long durations with cooling technology.

Battery Life and Efficiency

Battery life and efficiency play crucial roles in the performance of Milwaukee’s power tools. The Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 hammer drills boast impressive endurance and energy management.

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Users prioritize longer operating times and consistent power output. Understanding the battery features can help choose the right tool.

Fuel Gauge and Battery Longevity

Both the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 come with an integrated fuel gauge. This feature allows users to check their remaining battery life quickly. It prevents unexpected downtime by alerting before the battery drains completely.

Battery longevity is a top priority. These drills include REDLITHIUM batteries. They are known for running cooler and delivering power more effectively over time. Users experience fewer interruptions and get more work done on a single charge.

Impact Of Battery On Performance

A drill’s performance is directly affected by its battery quality. The Milwaukee 2704 features a slightly more powerful battery system. It ensures more torque and speed under load.

In contrast, the 2604 model provides reliable performance that suits most everyday tasks.

  • Longer battery life equals more drilling time.
  • Steady battery output leads to consistent power delivery.

To sum up, between these two models, efficiency meets differing demands. Whether the task requires extended run time or peak performance, battery influence is undeniable. The 2704 may edge out the 2604 in high-demand scenarios.

User Experience and Feedback

The Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 hammer drills spark interest among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. User feedback is pivotal in differentiating these tools.

Understanding the practical usage and satisfaction derived can guide potential buyers in making an informed decision. We delve into reviews and consumer experiences to shed light on these power tools.

Professional Reviews Deconstructed

Expert opinions often sway purchasing decisions. Professional reviews of the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 reveal key insights:

  • Power Output: Reviewers highlight the 2704’s superior torque for heavy-duty applications.
  • Build Quality: The 2604 is praised for its durability and ergonomic design.
  • Battery Life: Reports indicate that both models offer excellent battery life, with the 2704 edging slightly ahead.
  • Innovative Features: Reviewers appreciate the 2704’s advanced settings for increased control.

Overall, experts recommend the 2704 for intense work, while the 2604 excels in general tasks.

Consumer Insights and Satisfaction

Consumer feedback provides real-world perspectives:

Feature Milwaukee 2604 Milwaukee 2704
User Comfort High satisfaction Some find it bulky
Performance Meets expectations Exceeds expectations
Reliability Rarely fails Rarely fails
Price Value Good value Pricier but justified

Both models receive positive marks for reliability. The 2604 is often noted as a comfortable choice for extended use. Users commend the 2704 for tackling tough jobs with ease. Many feel the higher price point of the 2704 is worth the investment for its performance gains.

Price Point and Value For Money

When choosing between the Milwaukee 2604 and the 2704, cost matters. Both models offer unique features that appeal to different users.

Finding the right balance between price and the benefits received is key. Here’s what you need to know about each model’s value:

Analyzing Cost-effectiveness

Milwaukee drills aren’t just about the initial price. Think of what each offers. The 2604 model is a solid choice for its price. It’s known for durability and performance. On the other hand, the 2704 has advanced features. It might cost more, but the extra capabilities could be worth it.

  • The 2604 is budget-friendly and great for everyday tasks.
  • The 2704, while pricier, excels in demanding situations.
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Let’s compare their cost-effectiveness:

Model Price Features
Milwaukee 2604 Less Expensive Standard capabilities
Milwaukee 2704 More Expensive Enhanced performance

Long-term Investment Considerations

Buying a drill is an investment. Think about long-term use. The 2604 model could save money now. But will it handle future tasks? The 2704 might cost more upfront. Yet, it’s built to tackle tougher jobs down the road.

Consider these points:

  1. How often will you use the drill?
  2. What types of projects will you handle?
  3. Do you need a drill that can keep up with advancements in technology?

Choosing between the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 comes down to price versus potential. Invest smartly based on your specific needs.

Which Drill Wins?

The Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 have been head-to-head in the power tool arena. It’s time to drill down to a final verdict.

Both models boast robust builds and impressive specs, but which emerges as the must-have for your toolkit? Let’s put them under the microscope and find out.

Summarizing Strengths and Weaknesses

Drill Model Strengths Weaknesses
Milwaukee 2604
  • Compact design
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Durable build
  • Less torque than 2704
  • Fewer speed settings
Milwaukee 2704
  • Higher torque
  • More speed options
  • ONE-KEY compatibility
  • Slightly heavier
  • More expensive

Choosing The Right Drill For Your Needs

Deciding between the Milwaukee 2604 and 2704 drills comes down to your specific needs. Consider these factors:

  • Project type: Is it heavy-duty or general home use?
  • Frequency of use: Occasional or daily?
  • Comfort: Does weight impact your choice?
  • Budget: Are you ready for a higher investment?

If power is paramount, the Milwaukee 2704 shines with its higher torque. On the other hand, if you seek a drill for more casual duties, the Milwaukee 2604 will serve you well without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions On Milwaukee 2604 Vs 2704

What Is The Difference Between Milwaukee 2704 And 2703?

The Milwaukee 2704 offers higher torque and a hammer drill feature, unlike the 2703 which lacks the hammer function.

What Generation Is Milwaukee 2704 20?

The Milwaukee 2704-20 belongs to the M18 Fuel generation of power tools.

Which Milwaukee Drill Is The Strongest?

The strongest Milwaukee drill is the M18 FUEL™ High Torque ½” Impact Wrench. It delivers exceptional power and durability for heavy-duty drilling tasks.

What Generation Is The Milwaukee 2904?

The Milwaukee 2904 belongs to the M18 FUEL generation of power tools known for their enhanced performance and durability.


Deciding between Milwaukee’s 2604 and 2704 models hinges on your specific needs. Performance and project scope should guide your choice.

Both options boast reliable results and user satisfaction. Remember, the 2604 excels in compact spaces, while the 2704 caters to robust demands.

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