Echo SRM 266 Vs 2620 [Features and Performance]

The Echo SRM-266 is a powerful, professional-grade trimmer, while the SRM-2620 is designed for commercial use with added features like improved vibration reduction and a larger fuel tank. When comparing the two, it’s important to consider the specific needs and demands of your landscaping projects in order to make the best decision for your equipment.

Landscaping professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike understand the importance of reliable and efficient tools when it comes to maintaining outdoor spaces.

Echo, a trusted name in the industry, offers a range of high-quality trimmers suitable for various applications. Two popular models, the SRM-266 and the SRM-2620, are both designed to deliver superior performance and durability.

We’ll explore the key differences between these two models to help you determine which one is best suited for your specific trimming needs.

Echo SRM 266

The Echo SRM 266 is a powerful and efficient string trimmer designed for professional landscapers and homeowners with challenging outdoor maintenance needs.

Built with a high-performance 25.4cc engine, this trimmer excels at providing unparalleled cutting power and precision. Whether you’re tackling thick weeds, overgrown vegetation, or dense grass, the Echo SRM 266 is engineered to deliver exceptional results.

Let’s delve deeper into its features and performance to understand why it stands out in the market.


  • Equipped with a 25.4cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine
  • Bump-feed cutting head for effortless line advancement
  • 59-inch straight shaft for extended reach and maneuverability
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle design for reduced operator fatigue
  • Reinforced metal blade guard for added durability and protection
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The Echo SRM 266 exhibits outstanding performance in various landscaping tasks. Its robust 2-stroke engine delivers impressive torque and acceleration, allowing for swift and precise cutting through tough vegetation.

The bump-feed cutting head ensures continuous operation without interruptions, enabling seamless trimming of large areas.

Furthermore, the extended straight shaft offers enhanced control and access to hard-to-reach areas, contributing to efficient and thorough maintenance.

Overall, the Echo SRM 266 is a reliable and powerful tool that consistently delivers remarkable performance.

Echo 2620

The Echo 2620 is a powerful and efficient trimmer designed for both homeowners and professionals. It is known for its lightweight and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to handle and maneuver.

With its advanced features and high performance, the Echo 2620 is a top choice for those looking for a reliable and versatile trimmer.

Echo 2620


  • Powerful 25.4cc engine for excellent cutting performance
  • 59-inch straight shaft for extended reach and precision
  • i-30™ starting system for quick and effortless starting
  • Speed-Feed® 400 trimmer head for easy line reloading
  • Rapid-Loader™ trimmer head option for convenience
  • Vibration reduction technology for enhanced comfort
  • Tool-less air filter cover for easy maintenance


The Echo 2620 is a reliable performer when it comes to handling tough grass and weeds.

Its powerful engine and advanced cutting technology ensure efficient and precise trimming, even in challenging conditions.

With its extended reach and ergonomic design, the Echo 2620 offers superior control and maneuverability, making it a preferred choice for professionals and homeowners alike.


When it comes to choosing between the Echo SRM 266 and the Echo SRM 2620, there are several factors to consider.

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In this comparison, we will look at the engine power, weight, and ease of use of these two popular trimmers.

Engine Power

The engine power of a trimmer is crucial for its performance. With the Echo SRM 266, you get a powerful 25.4cc engine, while the Echo SRM 2620 is equipped with a slightly less powerful 25.4cc engine as well.

Both models offer plenty of power to tackle tough cutting tasks with ease, making them suitable for both residential and commercial use. The engines are designed to provide reliable and consistent performance, ensuring you can get the job done efficiently.


When it comes to handheld tools, weight plays a significant role in user comfort and maneuverability. The Echo SRM 266 weighs around 10 pounds, which is considered lightweight in the trimmer category.

This lightweight design reduces fatigue during extended use, allowing you to work for longer periods without straining your arms.

On the other hand, the Echo SRM 2620 weighs slightly less at approximately 9.8 pounds, providing an even lighter option for those who prioritize maneuverability. Whether you need to trim grass in tight spaces or tackle large areas, both models offer a lightweight design that makes the task easier.

Ease Of Use

Both the Echo SRM 266 and the Echo SRM 2620 are designed with user experience in mind. They feature ergonomic handles and controls, allowing for comfortable operation and reducing the risk of hand fatigue.

The lightweight design of these trimmers also enhances ease of use, making them more maneuverable and reducing strain on the user.

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Additionally, both models are equipped with a starter system that ensures quick and hassle-free starts every time, saving you time and effort.

Overall, both the Echo SRM 266 and the Echo SRM 2620 offer user-friendly features that make trimming tasks more enjoyable and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Echo Srm 266 Vs 2620

Is Echo Srm 266 Commercial Grade?

Yes, the Echo SRM 266 is a commercial-grade trimmer. It is designed for professional use and offers high performance and durability.

How Much Horsepower Does The Echo 2620 Have?

The Echo 2620 has a horsepower rating of X.

What Size Arbor Is A Srm 266?

The SRM 266 has a 10mm arbor size.

What Size String Does A Echo 2620 Take?

The Echo 2620 takes a string size of 0. 095 inches. It’s important to use the correct string size for optimum performance.


Both the Echo SRM-266 and SRM-2620 are exceptional choices for those in need of reliable and powerful trimmers.

With their advanced features and durable build, they can handle even the toughest tasks with ease. Whether you opt for the SRM-266 or the SRM-2620, you can expect exceptional performance and professional results.

So, choose the one that best fits your specific needs and enjoy the benefits they offer for maintaining your outdoor spaces.

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