Dewalt DCD796 Vs DCD996 : Which Drill Packs More Punch?

The Dewalt DCD796 is a compact drill with 460 UWO, while the DCD996 is a more powerful drill with 820 UWO. When choosing between the Dewalt DCD796 and DCD996 drills, it is important to consider your specific needs and preferences.

Both drills offer excellent performance and durability, but the DCD996 provides more power for heavy-duty tasks.

The DCD796, on the other hand, is lighter and more compact, making it ideal for smaller projects or tasks that require maneuverability in tight spaces.

Understanding the differences between these two drills will help you make an informed decision based on your specific usage requirements.

Dewalt DCD796 Vs Dewalt DCD996

Key Differences

The Dewalt Dcd796 and Dcd996 differ in their power and speed. While the Dcd796 offers compact performance for lighter applications, the Dcd996 delivers higher torque and speed for heavy-duty tasks.

The Dcd996 also features a hammer drill function, making it more versatile for various drilling needs.

Motor Power

Dewalt Dcd796: Equipped with a brushless motor for efficient power delivery.

Dewalt Dcd996: Offers a more robust brushless motor for increased torque and performance.

Battery Capabilities

Dewalt Dcd796: Works with Dewalt’s 20V MAX batteries.

Dewalt Dcd996: Compatible with both 20V MAX and Flexvolt batteries, providing extended runtime.

Performance Comparison

Let’s dive into the Dewalt Dcd796 Vs Dcd996 in terms of their performance.

Speed And Torque

The Dcd996 offers higher speed and torque than the Dcd796.

Drilling Capacity

Drilling capacity of Dcd996 significantly surpasses that of Dcd796, allowing for versatile use.

Design And Ergonomics

When it comes to choosing the right power tool, the design and ergonomics play a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance and user comfort.

In this comparison between the Dewalt DCD796 and DCD996, we’ll take a closer look at the design and ergonomics of these two popular drills to help you make an informed decision.

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Size And Weight

The size and weight of a power tool can significantly impact its usability, especially for extended periods of use. The Dewalt DCD796 features a compact and lightweight design, weighing only 3.6 lbs without the battery.

On the other hand, the DCD996 is slightly larger and heavier, weighing 4.7 lbs without the battery. While the DCD796’s smaller size offers greater maneuverability in tight spaces, the DCD996’s additional weight provides added stability for tougher tasks.

Handle Comfort

Handle comfort is crucial for reducing user fatigue and maintaining control during operation. Both models are equipped with ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip for extended use.

The DCD796 features a rubber over-molded grip that enhances control and reduces vibration, while the DCD996 incorporates a similar handle design with added emphasis on anti-slip properties for improved handling in challenging work environments.

Features And Technology

When comparing Dewalt DCD796 and Dewalt DCD996, it is essential to understand the features and technology incorporated into these power tools.

Both models come from the renowned Dewalt brand, known for its high-quality and reliable products. Let’s delve into the key features and technology that set these two cordless drills apart.

Led Light Functionality

The DCD796 and DCD996 both feature LED lights, providing an added layer of convenience and functionality to your projects.

These built-in lights illuminate the work surface, ensuring better visibility in dimly lit areas or when working in tight spaces.

The LED lights help reduce shadows, allowing for more precise drilling and screwdriving, ultimately enhancing your overall experience and productivity.

Whether you are working on a construction site, in a workshop, or even in a low-light environment, these LED lights prove to be incredibly handy in illuminating your workspace.

Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the standout features of the Dewalt DCD996 is its Bluetooth connectivity, which sets it apart from the DCD796. With this innovative technology, you can connect your cordless drill to your smartphone or other compatible devices using the Dewalt Tool Connect app.

This feature allows you to monitor and control the tool remotely, providing you with real-time information and tailored settings. You can track the tool’s performance, receive alerts, and even customize specific parameters to suit your desired application.

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The Bluetooth connectivity featured in the DCD996 brings a new level of convenience and control to your projects, making it an ideal choice for tech-savvy professionals.

When it comes to LED light functionality, the DCD796 and DCD996 both incorporate this feature, enhancing visibility and precision in your work.

However, the DCD996 takes it a step further with its Bluetooth connectivity, offering remote monitoring and custom settings through the Dewalt Tool Connect app. Consider your specific needs and preferences to determine which model aligns best with your requirements.

Price And Value

When it comes to power tools, Dewalt is a brand that is highly regarded for its quality and reliability. In this comparison, we will take a closer look at two of their popular models – the Dewalt DCD796 and the Dewalt DCD996 – from the perspective of their price and value.

Cost Comparison

Let’s start by examining the cost difference between these two models. The Dewalt DCD796 is generally available at a lower price point compared to the Dewalt DCD996.

While prices may vary depending on the retailer and any ongoing promotions, it is safe to say that the DCD796 tends to be more budget-friendly.

Despite the lower price tag, the DCD796 still offers an impressive range of features and performance. It is equipped with a powerful brushless motor that delivers maximum efficiency and longer runtime.

The tool also features a two-speed transmission, allowing you to match the speed to the task at hand. Additionally, it has a compact and lightweight design, making it ideal for extended use and maneuverability in tight spaces.

On the other hand, the Dewalt DCD996, while priced slightly higher, provides enhanced performance and capabilities. This model features a high-performance brushless motor that delivers increased power and torque.

It also boasts a three-speed transmission, giving you greater control over the speed and power output. Additionally, the DCD996 comes with an upgraded hammer function, making it suitable for heavier-duty applications.

Warranty And Support

When it comes to warranty and support, Dewalt has a reputation for standing behind their products. Both the DCD796 and the DCD996 come with Dewalt’s standard three-year limited warranty, providing you with peace of mind and assurance in your purchase.

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In the unlikely event that you encounter any issues, Dewalt’s customer support is known for its responsiveness and helpfulness, ensuring that you receive the necessary assistance to resolve any problems.

It’s important to note that proper maintenance and usage are key factors in prolonging the lifespan of any power tool. However, knowing that you have a reliable warranty and reputable customer support available can give you added confidence in your investment.

In summary, the Dewalt DCD796 and DCD996 both offer excellent value for money in their respective categories. Whether you opt for the more affordable DCD796 or invest in the enhanced performance of the DCD996, you can expect a high-quality power tool that is built to last.

With Dewalt’s reputation for reliability and their excellent warranty and support, choosing between these two models ultimately comes down to your specific needs and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dewalt Dcd796 Vs Dcd996

Is Dewalt Dcd796 A Good Drill?

Yes, the Dewalt DCD796 is a popular and reliable drill for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

Is The Dcd999 Better Than The Dcd996?

Yes, the DCD999 offers upgraded features such as more power and improved performance than the DCD996.

What Is The Difference Between The Dewalt Drills?

The main difference between Dewalt drills are power, size, and additional features. The 20V series is compact and lightweight, making it suitable for everyday use.

The 60V series offers more power and durability for heavy-duty tasks. The 12V series is designed for small-scale applications and versatility.

Is Dewalt Dcd796 Brushless?

Yes, the Dewalt DCD796 is brushless.


Both the Dewalt Dcd796 and the Dcd996 are robust power tools with their own unique strengths. Understanding the differences and similarities between the two models is crucial in making an informed decision.

Whether you prioritize power, speed, or versatility, both models offer something for every DIY enthusiast and professional tradesperson.

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